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 President of the Hunting Association of Serbia

African Hunt Safari

Hunting the Witkop Game Ranch

          I have been hunting with Jess De Klerk of Witkop Safaris yearly since 2007. Jess and Cynthia De Klerk are always the perfect hosts, which account for the fact that I keep coming back. The Ranch is perfectly located in the Free State making it easily accessible from the JNB airport. Jess and his team of Professional Hunters are masters of putting you in perfect position to take great trophies, whatever your quarry might be.

          The Ranch and the many nearby concessions available to Witkop Safaris offer just about any trophy species that one can desire. I have personally hunted, Blesbuck, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Eland, Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Gemsbok, Warthog, and several other of the many species found on or near Witkop. Trophies have always proven to be of the highest quality, something I am never ashamed to hang on the wall of my trophy room.

          Jess and I have also had the opportunity to hunt Buffalo together, and let me tell you, that is a thrill ! I can highly recommend Jess De Klerk and Witkop Safaris to any serious hunter who is bound for Africa, whether it be your first hunt or a return trip.

Bill Gibbons, Seguin, Texas, USA

African Hunt Safari

I had the great pleasure of hunting with Jess De Klerk of Witkop Safaris in April of 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed hunting with Jess, as well as spending time with his wonderful family. The ranch is a perfect environment for hunting with breath taking scenery and the inspiring Witkop Mountain as its signature focal point. All of my transportation and amenities were well planned and executed, and I always felt very comfortable and relaxed.  

The food was superb and I especially enjoyed the company of Jess as we enjoyed excellent hunting and fun filled camaraderie. During this experience I was able to harvest two Red Hartebeest and an Impala. This was a wonderful opportunity for me and all of these animals were in excellent condition and yielded high quality trophies.

Overall this was an amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend hunting with Jess De Klerk and Witkop Safaris.

Ben Mordan, Danville, Pennsylvania, USA

African Hunt Safari

     Before you head out on your Serbian adventure, Merna and I wanted to provide you some feedback regarding our time at Witkop.
 As you know Merna and I fly all over the world and sleep in a lot of different beds. Your bedding (mattress, and sheets were top notch and did not go unnoticed as to their comfort and quality, we are guessing Cynthia may have had some influence, please fwd our compliments!)     
Thank you for putting us up in a couples oriented room! With one large bed! Upon our arrival at our hotel in Cape Town we got a room with two single beds and I had to insist with the manager at the hotel that the situation was totally unacceptable! Small things like that make or break a trip and the simple touches you and Cynthia made - such as laundry every day, clean towels, bedding touch-ups after our afternoon naps, ribbons around wash cloths, chocolates or candies next to the bed, etc. did not go unnoticed.
So where this was not a "guy's trip" for me, I wanted to acknowledge these touches that made my time with Merna at Witkop special.        
The food always felt personally oriented and prepared not just put on the table, ''here come eat!'' Grace was particularly admired as part of the meal and 'Thank You for that!'
Thank you for the time we shared with you and your family, Merna and I hope to reciprocate your graciousness and hospitality similarly in the future if you can ever make it to Arizona!

Zach Fallin
Flying Pig Ranch
Oracle, AZ


Jess and Cindy
I just wanted to let you both know what a wonderful time I had with you recently. the hunting, meals, lodge and personal service were first class! I don't say things like this very often, but all of my expectations were met and in some cases more.
Being a disabled person I wondered many times before the hunt if I was capable of doing a spot and stalk hunt. Jess, with your help and patience we did it. Not only did we do it, but we got the trophy animals I so desired!
I greatly appreciate everything that was done for me. looking forward to the next time, I know you are hunting I'll be brief. Having time to think and reflect since the hunt , I can honestly say that it was the best hunt/experience I have ever had. Scott
Scott Roleson

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