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When you enter Serbia, you can enter up to 200 bullets, along with a rifle. The agency “La Starna” has a good choice of ammunition of various foreign and domestic manufacturers.


Clients can rent hunting rifles and carbines in the agency “La Starna”. Be sure to have a weapon license with you, from the country of your origin.


To hunt in Serbia and Vojvodina, it is necessary to send us the following documents, by e-mail or fax, 20 days before your departure:

  • Photocopy of weapon license and of hunting license,
  • Name, address and passport number,
  • Information on weapons: brand, calibre, number of guns and weapon license,
  • The exact date of entry and exit from the country.

We will apply for all the permits and have it ready on your arrival. One of our representatives will meet you at the airport to assist you with the process. You will be required to pay a € 20 import duty on entry.


The information on how to bring the weapons in the Republic of Serbia

All our guests who hunt in the territory of Serbia and Vojvodina, have the right to use our shotguns since January 2014.: Benelli, Beretta, Breda, Franchi, without any monetary compensation.

We decided to take this step in order to speed up and facilitate the arrival of our guests.

Guests who want to hunt only with their weapons must receive "letter of invitation" from us, which show the police when they enter the Frontier in Serbia.

You pay the fee of € 20 per rifle.

Each hunter is allowed to bring along 250 shotgun cartridges for each day of hunting in Serbia. The limit is 1000 cartridges. The limit for hunting rifle is 20.

To use our weapons in our organization you will need the following documents:

  • Passport or identity card,
  • License for hunting, ( we will arrange the hunting license for you.
  • Firearms.
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